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Delivering the future


Our Certified nurse-midwife is registered nurse with additional graduate training in midwifery.

Joanne graduated from the nursing program at Columbia University in 2006 and has been working as a Certified Nurse Midwife since then.  Prior to working at Artemis, she worked at practice out of Morristown Medical Center, where she cared for many women and delivered many healthy babies.  She has done many water births and feels the hydrotherapy tub can help relax women in labor enough to cope with the pain without the use of medication.  In addition to obstetrical care and deliveries, she can perform gynecologic care and contraceptive management.  She enjoys Women’s Health because there is always more to learn and room to grow. She has a passion about educating women about their health and their bodies.  She lives in Rockaway, NJ with her supportive husband, Manny, and their children Audrey, born in April 2010 and Brayden, born in January 2014, who keep her busy when she is not working.

“Keep calm and call the midwife”

She is a specialist whose professional philosophy focuses on providing pregnant women accessible, dignified care, emphasizing choices, minimizing medical interventions without sacrificing cutting-edge medical care. While doctors have to budget time to deal with pregnancy complications, midwives have the luxury of spending time on a broad spectrum of normal concerns that families have. At each prenatal visit, their goal is to discuss whatever is on a woman’s mind — from birth plans to choosing a car seat.

At Artemis OB/GYN, our midwife and our doctor work together in an integrated practice.

This means that if a pregnancy becomes high-risk or complications arise, the woman will not have to abandon her midwife and transfer to a different office. She can continue to see her midwife for ongoing support and an obstetrician or perinatologist for management of the complications in the same practice. Working together provides women with the best of both worlds.